Teeth Whitening

This is a review of the information shared with you in our office.

Dispense a small bead of teeth whitening gel in the tray half way up the tray surface that seats against the front of your teeth. The bead should be about the diameter of the syringe orifice. Using more gel than is needed does not whiten the teeth any better or faster. Brush and floss then seat the tray in the mouth. Once or twice, with light finger pressure, rub the front of the tray against the teeth to distribute the gel.  If excess gel goes beyond the edge of the tray just wipe it away with a paper towel. Whitening is most effective when you can leave the tray in for two hours. When through rinse your mouth and the tray of the remaining gel. Let the tray air dry, as it is easier to apply the gel to a dry tray.

If you whiten more than once in a day take a one hour break in-between. On the average it takes twenty-one sessions to complete the process. If you whiten every other day it will simply take twice as long. Teeth whitening is complete when no additional changes are evidenced or when you have achieved a result you are pleased with. You can whiten at any pace you like as the process is not momentum dependent; Your next application picks right up where you left off.   Check the results daily to make sure you like the direction the process is going. It is best not to evaluate immediately following tray removal, an hour or two later will give you a better perspective.

We always whiten the upper teeth first so that you can see the progress of the whitening against the lower teeth. 

Side effects are rare and reversible. Occasionally teeth whitening can make your gums or teeth tingle. If you experience this skip a day and try again. If it persists please discontinue and call the office.

When you are done with the process place the dry tray on the model and store them someplace safe. The results typically last for a year. In the future the trays can be reused to touch-up the case.

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