Sore Jaw (TMJ)

A sore jaw is not common after treatment but it does occur. It is more likely to happen if someone has: tight musculature, a small opening, a particularly long procedure, some arthritic conditions, or a history of jaw sensitivity.

A sore jaw is like having a strained ankle -- it is best to favor it. Do soften your diet. Do not move it around trying to see if the pain is still there. Persistent checking just continues to irritate it. Try to restrict your jaw's range of motion by not opening wide. For example, try to yawn without opening wide and cut foods into smaller pieces. Do take an anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen or the like if not allergic) approximately 600 mg three times a day. It is also helpful to frequently apply warm, moist compresses to the area. Avoid gum chewing, ice chewing, biting finger nails, and anything else that could be taxing to the jaw. If the situation is not resolving, please call the office.

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